What is an inbetweener traveller?

I coined the label ‘inbetweener traveller‘ for myself not long ago when I realised that the word inbetweener perfectly sums up my travel adventures in two ways.

[in-bi-tween-er] /ˌɪn bɪˈtwin/ noun,  a person or thing that is between two extremes, two contrasting conditions, etc.: the cool kids, the geeks and the inbetweeners; the quick trips, the long-hauls and the inbetweeners.

When it comes to booking myself a holiday or a long weekend break, I tend to opt for neither extreme luxury nor do I go for a cheap and cheerful hostel. Granted, I may occasionally do so, but I usually find the happy medium between affordable and indulgence – the inbetweener.

I also find myself in the middle when it comes to the frequency of my trips. Whilst I’m not the girl who’s jet-setting the world constantly or leaving the country for months on end, I’m also not the girl sticking to just one or two trips a year either. Yep, you guessed it – I’m the inbetweener!


What do you do for a living?

After graduating from the University of Hull with a degree in Mathematics in 2016, I returned to my alma mater no longer a student but instead a member of staff – a Social Media Specialist in the Marketing and Communications department. Quite a leap from the world of Mathematics, I know, but this little old space of mine on the internet has opened up so many cool opportunities for me, and that was one of them (and a big one at that!). I earn a living by tweeting, making spreadsheets, posting on Facebook, taking cool snaps for Instagram and living off of coffee in an office. And I bloody love it.


What camera do you use?

Whilst a lot of my photos on here were taken on my iPhone 6 camera or my lovely Canon 500D, for the past few months I have used nothing but my new baby: my Olympus Pen E-PL7. It’s a fantastic little piece and I accompany it with either the standard 14-42mm lens or the beautiful 45mm lens – perfect for that defocussed background and blur effect we all crave.


Has your blog always been called Ashton Jade?

Nope! It was only very, very recently I changed my blog name. Jump back to the night I wrote my first ever blog post and you’ll find I was a second year mathematics student yet to be infected with the travel bug who always had her (pre-nose job) nose stuck in a book whenever possible. It was Christmas Eve and I decided to create a website to share all of my book reviews, talk about beauty products I liked and basically leave a little bit of my life online. And so, Beauty, Books and Babble was born.

As time went on, I found myself struggling to find the time to read around numerous exams and assignments, and blogging took a back seat too. And yet I managed to contract a serious case of wanderlust at the same time. I began to find a blog name like Beauty, Books and Babble limited me, especially since I had a new found love of writing about travel. Then, when exams were over and done with and the cap and gown had been worn, it dawned on me that giving my blog a name that reflected me and everything I do was simple: just name it after myself. I opted to use my middle name and go for Ashton Jade rather than Ashton Gibbs to ensure it sounded slightly more girly. The curse of a unisex name, eh? And, voilà, the same old ramblings under Ashton Jade instead.


Got anything else you wanna know? Fire your questions at me on Twitter or shoot me an e-mail!