Beauty, Books and Babble is my personal blog in which I review
books, discuss beauty items I like, and tell you all about random bits
of my lifestyle, and is for entertainment purposes. Any opinions I post
are my own and are not swayed in any way. I understand that everyone has
their own opinions, and I ask you to understand the same. Something
that works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. In particular,
things related to health and fitness which are suitable for me may not
be suitable for you, and so please note that any information taken from
this blog is at your own risk! It never hurts to get a second opinion
from a doctor, a friend or Google! 🙂

The things I
review or write about are mostly bought by me, but anything I happen to
recieve for free (either sent by a company to review or won in a
competition/giveaway) will have an asterisk (*) next to their name and it will also be most likely mentioned in the post too.

try to keep my information up-to-date, but when it comes to prices,
phone numbers and addresses I advise you to double check the information
before using it. As time passes, some information is likely to become
less accurate. I am more than happy to update anything you think may
need updating, so feel free to contact me.

I will give
credit to any images that are not mine, and if you wish to use my images
for any reason, I ask you to do the same. Unfortunately I have no image
credit for books reviews prior to Dec 2014 which I have copied over
from my Goodreads account. If there are any discrepancies regarding
images on my blog, please do contact me and let me know so I can take
the necessary action. 🙂