That time I was on stage with Sigala

I’ve often said that money is best spent on experiences, so you know you’ve hit the jackpot when the job that earns you that money is what ends up giving you the experiences. For those of you that don’t know, I work in digital marketing at the University of Hull, and I bloody love my job. My team are seriously the best bunch of people, I genuinely enjoy the day to day stuff, and my overtime in the past few months included meeting Nick Grimshaw, going to an adults night in a play area and attending Big Weekend. Not the…


Hand Luggage Essentials

Regardless of whether I’m getting ready for a long trip in a beautiful sunshine destination or simply packing for a short city break, I find deciding what to put in my hand luggage can be just as much of a struggle as whittling down what I’m going to pack in my suitcase. (I’m totally guilty of being an overpacker!) There are, however, a few hand luggage essentials that make it into my carry on bag without fail…   Passport Let’s start with the thing you definitely will not be getting far without – your passport. Yes, this may seem like…


Remembering to enjoy the adventure

Despite always loving holidays and weekend trips, I’ve not always been a travel blogger. In fact, my blog started off as a space for me to review books and beauty products. Soon I found myself thinking, however, that if I love travelling so much, why wasn’t I documenting that instead?  It’s so much easier to write about something you’re really, truly passionate about, right? Though something hit me whilst in Paris with my mum earlier this year. It was my mum’s first time there, and yet I found myself stressing over getting the perfect picture rather than showing her the…

Food and Drink

I donned the cap and badge and made my own Big Mac!

I am notorious among my friends for being the one that can never order anything as it appears on the menu. I always have to tweak something. “Is it possible to get that plain?” “Can I have that without sauce please?” “Can I swap this for that?”

You get the idea.

And with a fussy appetite normally comes a longer wait. Especially at a drive through. “Could you just park in the lay by and we’ll bring it out to you, please?”

I’ve recently discovered, however, that at McDonald’s, waiting longer for a customised order is a thing of the past. That’s right. I can be as fussy as I want and still get my grub within the same time. And it’s all thanks to their new made to order system.


I’ve Fallen in Love with Wrocław

I’m normally a sucker for warm, poolside sunbeds and sunshine destinations, but after vowing to explore more countries this year, I crossed a country off my list that had quite honestly never appealed to me previously: Poland. 🇵🇱 And it took me completely by surprise. Attracted by an absolute bargain price (less than £100 for flights and 3 nights accommodation – yes please!), Kirsty Leanne and I found ourselves booking a random trip to a city we’d never even heard of – Wrocław. And whilst I was super excited for a girly break and discovering somewhere new, I didn’t realise just how much Wrocław would…


48 Hours in Paris, France

Paris: the city of love. And probably one of the most famous cities in the world. Look up a list of places to visit before you die, and you’ll find it there somewhere. I’m pretty vocal about the fact I always want to return to Paris no matter how many times I’ve been, and so when my mum and I had a stay in Bordeaux booked, it would have been a crime not to head up to Paris too, right?! And whilst there, I kept a mini diary of everything we got up to… 🚗 Friday 🏙 4.44pm After a wonderful…


Looking back at March 2017: Zombies, Cats, France and Happiness

Bad blogger alert! My March round up is coming to you 13 days into April. A tad late, I know, but March was a busy one for me and I haven’t had a free weekend for about 10 weeks now. Busy, busy bee. 🐝 As you may know, my boyfriend of almost 7 years broke up with me in February, and I was devastated. When March rolled around, I made sure to plan lots of fun things to keep me happy. And so, March had a cracking start for me. The first day of it was spent having a fun…


6 Tips on Being Prepared for Airport Parking

Summer is slowly creeping up on us, and I can’t wait. (Creep quicker summer, I’ve missed you.) And with summer comes, of course, lots of summer holidays and city breaks. Cocktails by the pool, exploring idyllic streets, discovering somewhere new and finding fun things to do. But before all of that, chances are you’ll have to make your way to an airport. For some of us, this means an excitement-filled and adrenaline-fuelled drive to the airport. And here are a few things I think you should be prepared for when it comes to airport parking… Be prepared to book early…


From Old Town to Luxury Pools: The Other Side of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Drenched in history and boasting a number of baroque buildings, Dubrovnik looks like every travel blogger’s dream. Having never visited before, I can’t speak from experience, but I find it hard to believe that anyone could visit and not walk down the streets in awe or be inspired by the Old Town churches and marble streets, not to mention the glistening Adriatic Sea. The beautiful city has leapt even more so into the limelight after becoming the gorgeous filming location for the oh-so-popular TV series, Game of Thrones. (C’mon, even if you don’t watch it yourself, we all know someone who…