Different Ways to Travel the World


It’s no secret that I love travelling, and I can never resist jumping to another part of the world at any opportunity. And there are three main ways I do it…

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Nowadays, travel is becoming an increasingly accessible option for many of us… and aren’t I glad! Flights are becoming more affordable, and hostels, rented homes, and other low cost forms of accommodation are proliferating across the globe. It’s easier to book than ever, as you can often arrange your whole trip online, without even having to head out to meet with estate agents.

But have you considered how you’re going to travel the world if you do decide to start visiting other countries?

There are plenty of options out there and it’s worth considering them all to make the most of your time! Here are just a few you might find yourself trying out…

By Air

Of course, the most common means of travelling the world is by plane. Understandably so, right?! When you book a flight, you know you’re going to get from one place to another in the fastest and (likely) most convenient manner possible. Many flights are now direct and in circumstances where you do need to change flights, you don’t often have to spend long waiting around in the airport. This is definitely a great option for long trips where you want to get from A to B speedily and aren’t fussed about stopping off to visit other places in between.

By Road

When we travel on roads, we tend to think of short trips that form part of our day to day lives. We think of driving to and from work, the supermarket, social occasions and hobbies. But you can travel by road when you travel the world too. Road trip! This is always fun and you don’t necessarily have to simply road trip straight from your home. You can fly to an overseas country and then hire a car, find coach hire, or hire a motorcycle when you get there. This is a brilliant means of seeing more of the landscapes and places you pass. It’s also ideal if you want to see multiple landmarks or tourist attractions across a set span of land.

By Sea

While travelling by sea isn’t ideal for those of us who experience seasickness (hello me), it is a great option for those of us who have our sea legs! There are various ways to travel by sea. You can travel by ferry, boat, yacht, or you can even head away on a cruise ship. Many of these types of trips will simply take you from one destination to another. But some will take you to multiple destinations, dropping you off at specific cities or locations for the day and then picking you up again to travel to your next stop by night.

These are just three means of travelling the world, but they are indeed the most common and popular. Consider how each could benefit you on your trip and take a little time to mull over the best option to meet your needs and preferences!

What’s your most common mode of transport?

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