The perks of staying in a villa


When it comes to booking accommodation for a trip you have coming up, it’s always worthwhile weighing up all of the options, but here are a few perks you’ll have if you opt for a villa…

My stay at Villa le Tornaie was complimentary as part of a press trip with Bookings For You, but all words are my own.

You’ve decided on a holiday destination, rallied your friends, booked your flights, and you’ve just got one thing left to arrange – a place to stay.

If you’re anything like me, your initial thought might be to check out hotels and hostels. But why not consider looking more towards a company like Bookings For You to find a dream villa instead? Not only do you sound super fancy when you say you’re living in a villa for a week, but there are a number of other perks that come with it…

It feels like a home away from home

As humans, we all love our creature comforts, and with a villa, you won’t have to feel like you’re going without them. Get up and start your day with a sweaty gym session, put your feet up on the sofa and log on to the Wi-Fi to catch up on Netflix, or pop to the fully-equipped kitchen for some grub and snack whenever you want… even in your pyjamas if you wish!

You can handpick your villa to suit you

Whether you’re looking for a warm and cosy house in the French countryside, a modern and chic villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Greece, or a traditional stone-wall villa in the rolling slopes of Tuscany like we had, opting for a villa allows you to browse and cherry pick the exact accommodation you’re dreaming of. Maybe you want to make sure there’s a gym? You’re dying for a hot tub break? You might even be hoping to find a villa you can hide away in and do nothing but watch films in a dedicated cinema room? Either way, you’ll find a villa to suit you.

You’re not stuck to a schedule

No waiting around for check-in. No set times for dining. No pool opening hours. No check-out deadlines. In a villa, you can live by whatever schedule you want. Fancy a starlit dip in the pool at 10pm? Go for it! Wake up feeling peckish at 2am? Go grab a snack from the kitchen. Fancy a big glass of wine at 9am. Bloody do it. Why not, eh?!

It makes things way more sociable

Whether you’re staying with friends or family, a stay in a villa means you’re living under one roof with a bunch of fun people (hopefully!), and getting sociable is so easy. Shout to each other across the villa’s lush gardens (“Grab me another glass of Prosecco, mate!”), set the world to rights as the kettle boils, sit around sharing anecdotal stories whilst empty wine bottles collect on kitchen counter, and – best of all – cook together and sit around the table for some amazing food.

It’s great value for money when travelling with a group

It’s so easy to hear the word villa and think that the luxury ones will come with a hefty price tag. Like any accommodation, price tags can vary, but if you’re with a big group, you’ll find that hiring an entire villa is likely to work out cheaper than booking 5 or 6 hotel rooms. Your own entire place where you can live however you want for something crazy like £20 each a night? Sign me up!

You have ultimate privacy

Have you ever been at a hotel where you’ve envisioned a peaceful, relaxing time by the pool, indulging in a book and a cocktail (or five), but you soon find the pool area fills up, and then before you know it, you’re uncomfortably close to the guy on the sun lounger next to you, and there are children running around by you and you fear for your cocktail’s life? Yep. We’ve all been there. At your own villa, you have no worries about other people taking your experience away from you. You can even walk around in your underwear for the whole week if you wish. You do you.

Have you stayed in a villa before? How would you say they compare to a hotel?

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