The perks of travel size toiletries


Travelling a lot means I often find myself stocking up on travel-sized toiletries, and I’ve found there are a few perks that come with them…

This post was sponsored by Cosmetify, but all words and views are my own!

Being someone who is constantly on the go – travelling here, there and everywhere – and also being a gal who likes to keep clean (lol, who doesn’t?!), travel size toiletries are something I find myself stocking up on pretty often, and with beauty discovery sites like Cosmetify showcasing everything you need from makeup to hair, grooming to skin care, plus hundreds of mini products and travel kits for the best prices, the options are endless!

Sure, you could just pack a few full size products at the sacrifice of your beauty regime for a week, or could even just buy the full size products when you land if you really wanted, but I reckon there are definitely more perks in opting for travel-sized treats instead…

You don’t have to settle on a single scent

“Oooh. I really like that strawberry scented body wash. But that floral one smells lovely too. Or maybe I want something a little more fruity this time?” A bit indecisive like me and can’t settle on a single product to buy? Hell – grab yourself a few minis instead of one large bottle and you can try them all. Result!

They’re safe to take in your hand luggage

I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t like to wait around for my luggage at airports knowing there’s adventure waiting for me. And so there’s nothing more satisfying than opting for hand luggage only and flying straight past the suitcase carousels knowing you’re getting an extra half hour in the sun than everyone else. Bliss. Pack a few travel toiletries that are 100ml and under, and you can take them all straight through security without hassle. In a clear bag, of course.

You’ll have less waste on your trips

As fun as it might be squeezing your excess shower gel and shampoo down the sink before leaving your hotel (that’s not just me, right?!), it always comes with a pang of guilt for wasting so much perfectly good product. Stick to travel minis to reduce that waste (and probably save on some dollah dollah, too!)

You can carry more of your must-have items when travelling

No one likes having to sacrifice their beauty regime, right gals? We’ve spent years nailing that perfect combination of products for our skin and hunting down the best magic for our hair. Even if you’ve decided to go ahead and have check-in bags instead of hand luggage only, sticking to travel minis gives you more room to carry more of the products that keep you glam on your travels. Cleanser, body wash, deodorants, foundation, hair care – so many must-haves that we refuse to skip. And thanks to travel-sized treats, we don’t have to!

They’re pretty darn cute

Let’s be honest – tiny versions of the products we all love are just so bloody cute aren’t they? Especially when you’ve got a few of them sat together, lined up in the bathroom looking sweet. Or is that just me…?

So, are you a travel-size toiletry convert?

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